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About Petroxi Canada

Petroxi Canada providing and supplying Petro chemicals and products like base oil (SN-250, SN-300, SN-500 & group three group four base oil for synthetic lubricant products, Crude oil, Diesel EN570, 10ppm euro5 and 50ppm euro 5 Representing well-known oil refineries in the world with SGS certification.

Our products continue to perform beyond expectations in virtually every industry around the globe.

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Team Petroxi Canada

Tahir Mahmood   (CEO)
Tahir Sohail    (Director Resourcing, Marketing)
Madicay Gomaiz    (Director protocol)
Shair Baldeh   (Director Africa)
Fayez Shadid    (Director POL division)


Petroxi Canada Corp
172 Harold Street
Brampton ON L6y 2G1

South Africa
12 Jupiter Rd Suit B35 Crown Mines
Johannesburg 2092
South Africa